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I had a great opportunity to transition into the data field – Nishitha R, PGP AIML



I am Nishitha R, and I have been in development and automation for the last 7 years. Before joining the PGP-AIML Course, I was a software associate in Cognizant Technology Solutions, working on Process automation. My sister previously did a course on data science in GL, and it got me interested.

Initially, I didn’t have much of a deep context into the AIML problems and also was a beginner in Python. Being from a Process Automation background, every step was new and a challenge.

The in-class lab was of great help as we had mentors guiding us wherever we didn’t know the solution. The notebooks provided by GL and the code explanations mostly helped me crack the code. I have had a chance to explore a whole new arena, and from a novice, I feel ready to take up real-world problems. Also, I have had a great opportunity to transition into the data field.

It’s the right time to start the journey in the field of data as there have been huge breakthroughs in this technology. It would keep you excited and driving, and there are a lot of opportunities to implement the learning.

My capstone project was on Sentiment Extraction. NLP is something I was interested in, and there has been a lot of development going on in this field. So I wanted to try out the latest developments in this field, I majorly faced issues infrastructure-wise. Google Collab Pro helped us ease this, but still, the model training time was huge. And I feel mentor support is very important as we are new to this, and we would constantly require some acknowledgment that we are progressing on the right track. Also, they would guide us with their prior experience.

I was able to do a lot of learning outside of what was thought through the Capstone Project. Also, challenging a real-time problem statement boosted my confidence levels. Now that I understand the entire process, from data collection to model building, I am aware of the challenges and have the confidence and right attitude toward any problem. I am ready to enter the field of Data Science.

I would advise new learners to get good hands-on while they are learning and solve more problem statements. Try exploring and get a good understanding of the concepts being used. Explore the latest technologies too.



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