Sunday, July 3, 2022

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The Future Of ILT In The Years To Come

The Evolution Of ILT Everything must evolve to survive. From wild beasts to training methodologies. But old isn’t synonymous with antiquated. There’s still a...

7 Tips To Choose The Right LMS For ILT

Providing ILT On A Budget One of the reasons many organizations invest in a new LMS is to reduce ILT costs. They want to...

Educational Technology

Event Planning

Nominate Your Favorites Meeting Professional

What better way to show appreciation for your colleagues, partners and associates than by nominating them for 2022 Meeting Professional of the Year? Nominate...

Digital Transformation


German beer drinkers face higher prices at the bottom of the glass

German brewers have long been wary of increasing prices. When King Ludwig 1 raised the ale tax by 8 per cent in 1844,...

Virtual Reality

Activision Blizzard tells shareholders to vote down request for annual harassment report

Activision Blizzard wants shareholders to vote against a proposal from New York state requesting the company publish an annual report detailing its efforts to...

Best 8K TV Deals for May 2022

4K TVs might be the norm now, but if you want the cutting edge of high resolution TVs then you can opt for...

Amazon pledges $20 billion in exports from India by 2025 – TechCrunch

Amazon said on Wednesday that it aims to export locally produced Indian goods worth $20 billion by 2025, doubling its initial goal of...

Time Management

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Leading a business can be difficult and life-consuming, from the time the alarm clock rings until...


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